Guest Internet

Resorts/Holiday Parks

Xtreme Wireless Hotspots are great for your resort or holiday park. We design a mesh network to cover your entire property to provide high speed internet connectivity to your guests. There are plenty of configurations available like free WiFi for guests or a great range of pre-paid packages...

High Rises

Multi-level guest wireless networks are a great way of providing internet to your guests. Xtreme installs a high strength wireless access point on every floor to ensure an even signal coverage throughout the entire building. 


Our Hotspots are also great for Marina's. Provide internet to all of the vessels at your marina through Xtreme's strategically placed wireless antenna's.

Mining Camps

Xtreme can design and setup wireless internet systems for mining camps in both fixed and wireless capacities. Wireless networks are a great way of providing a reliable data connection for both mining companies and the miners themselves. For the mining companies it can be a great way of...